Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Avery is two!  I can't believe how much growth happens in the first two years of life. Avery has gone from a peanut weighing under 4lbs. to this little girl filled with energy and joyfulness.  I so love watching her grow and being her Mom! 

At two Avery...
~ loves her stuffed animals
~ loves to "hide" when daddy comes home
~ is singing "Let it go" (well at least the last word in every phrase)
~ loves eating her veggies
~ loves watching Sophia the First
~ enjoys the Ladybug Girl books 
~ loves playing with her Little People Princess castle and Elsa & Anna figurines.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

December Daily in March

Chugging along and better late than never?!?

Day 10

Decorating for the holidays is always something that goes on for several days (sometimes weeks) in our house.  This year was no different, especially with this being the first Christmas in our new house!  

The Journaling...

Decorating with the girls is something that is definitely different every year.  Last year, Avery was not a very active participant and this year she didn't hesitate to get started!  Before I knew it, she was racing to put ornaments up on the tree.  She didn't even waste time getting the ornaments out of the boxes.  Look how proud she is of her work though, priceless!

Michaela put her favorite ornaments in the order she wanted them to go on the tree.  Her first choice was the fairy that lights up when placed onto the string of lights.  After spreading some ornaments around the tree she went back to her old method of hanging all the ornaments on the same bough.

Monday, February 17, 2014

December Daily in February

Day 9

When we finally arrived home we had a bit of snow clean-up to do before rushing the girls off to Grandma's so Ryan and I could both go to work.  With this being the first real snow, the girls did not hesitate to get outside and enjoy a bit of snow time.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

December Daily in January

This is the fourth year that I have participated in this project and the fourth year that I haven't finished "on time".  And although I haven't continued to post my pages, I have completed two out of the four years.  I guess I figure everyone else is already done with the project and has moved on to new things and isn't interested in reading about December.  However, this year I am posting more progress because I have been making some great progress.  I am much further along than I think I have ever been at this time in the year!  I'm happy about that!

Day 8

This was the day that we got stuck on the highway driving home.  On a normal day, the drive takes us two and a half hours.  So, by the time we got stuck we had already been in the car for an hour and a half and adding another hour or so sitting still was not ideal with two young children.  When we finally made the decision to spend the night in the hotel, the girls were ready to burn off some energy.  The beginning of our stay was a little rocky with some issues with sharing, rough play, and just generally being a bit wild.  When the girls decided to calm down and "write", I was very pleased...I called it the calm AFTER the storm.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily - Day 7

Every year it seems as if something comes up that stops me from completing my daily pages.  There has been sick children, pregnancy issues, selling our condo and buying a house, and now I can add snowstorm to the list!  And although it is frustrating to get behind yet again, what can you do...life happens!  We were out of town this weekend in order to go to a Polar Express experience and got stuck in some bad weather and some even worse driving conditions.  We passed one exit and then the highway proceeded to jam up and it took us over an hour to get to the next exit which was just over 3 miles away.  We heard on the radio that we were stuck behind one accident and even further south the highway was completely closed due to another.  So, we got off at that next exit, stopped at a grocery store and found a hotel.  Again although frustrating, we are safe and it makes for a bit of an unexpected holiday adventure.  

The Polar Express experience was so fun for Michaela.  Avery stayed home because there is just no way she would have made it through the two hour event.  The experience takes place at a railway museum and starts out in the main foyer of the museum.  We were able to walk around for a little bit before the show started, but were quickly summoned to our seats.  When we got there, the hosts came out singing and dancing and then handed out hot chocolate to everyone.  Then, a live narrator read the Polar Express story as the pictures from the book came up on a big screen.  At the end of the story a conductor yelled "All Aboard" and we all gathered our things and got on to the Polar Express.  Once on the train and after we were on our way, the conductors took our tickets, handed out chocolates, sang Christmas songs, and then gave all the children a bell from Santa's sleigh.  The whole experience ended with a visit with Santa.  This was the first year Michaela went up to talk to Santa all by herself...way to go Michaela!  She asked for Elsa and Anna (from Frozen) and a Sophia doll (although I am pretty sure she brought that up because another girl in line was talking about it).  So fun!  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us!

Here are some of the pictures...

Here are the pages...
title page
two page spread
a closer look
a closer look

December Daily - Day 6

"Giving" is the story for Day 6.  Ryan and I are always looking for good, age appropriate ways to promote thinking of others with Michaela.  Avery is still a bit young to "get" the concept, but modeling thoughtfulness is important at any age.  I don't if any of you have experienced, "I would like to add that to my Christmas list...and that...and that...and that" from your children, but Michaela is definitely at that stage.  She is really sweet about it; she never throws a tantrum or asks to take it farther than putting it on her list, but she definitely enjoys verbally adding to her list!  So, when my Mom mentioned pulling a name off the gift tree at her church for the girls, it couldn't have come at a better time.  My Mom took both girls out to the book store and asked for their help in choosing a gift or two for the second grade girl whose name she had picked from the giving tree.  They had no real information about the girl except that she was in second grade and in need of a Christmas gift.  So, with my Mom's guidance they carefully narrowed down the choices until they decided on a mini American Girl doll and book set.  Then Michaela worked with my Mom to write a note to the little girl saying...

I hope you like to read.  I love books, I hope you like these.  Maybe you can read to Josefina.  Merry, Merry Christmas, Michaela

The best part of this experience for me was hearing Michaela talk about this little girl that she has never met and probably never will.  Thank you Mom for providing Michaela with a powerful example of the joy of giving.          

Pages are not complete yet, but these are the pictures my Mom sent me from her phone.

Day 6 put together

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily - Day 5

I didn't use any photos to document today, which I think is a nice change.  I chose to document a bit about Michaela's first year of preschool.  Of course I had to add a little update on Avery too.  Here is the journaling...

Michaela has preschool every Tuesday and Thursday.  She loves going to school and is learning so much! We love seeing her work and the way she signs her name.  Every Thursday her teachers send out an email update so we know what's happening.  Michaela keeps us pretty up to date too.  Avery is learning a lot at home too...today she climbed out of her crib for the first time after her nap!

I scanned a piece of Michaela's work and sized it to fit on the page and was very pleased with how it turned out, I guess I wasn't expecting it to look so much like her original work.  Michaela actually handed me her "K" sheet and said she made the rainbow K for me.  So sweet!  I also included the update email from the teachers.